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Audio is just as important (if not more ) than video

We have several years of experience in the Training and eLearning industries. We service training organizations from every type of business. Most businesses have training organizations and their Instructional Designers and Course Developers build great online training courses. 
What we find is that these businesses have well developed courses, BUT for some reason they do not put the same care into the course narration. On many occasions, we have discovered that the developers end up recording the narration directly into Storyline or some other course authoring tool. 

The developers are usually not narrators. They may have a good voice, but recording directly into the authoring tool will not return professional results. The sound file will not be mastered. More often than not, there will be background noise, such as knocking sounds or room ambience.

If you are not making your audio a priority, your audience engagement will decrease. You must treat the two senses, sight and sound, equally.

Background noise

One of the main culprits is the background noise. This includes knocking  or hissing sounds that can be heard throughout the recording. We find that this happens quite a bit, mainly because the room acoustics are not optimal.

Volume level variations

Our experience says that non professional narrators are usually not aware of their volume levels. We see this quite a bit when they record directly through the development software. Volume levels are really important in creating the overall vibe. 


Sound Test: Original Recording

This is a quick sound clip that we encounter quite often. At the start, you will notice a slight hum. The vocal mix is not mastered as it sounds really thin.


Sound Test: Remastered Recording

In this clip we eliminated the hum at the beginning, and we also added some depth to the vocal. This version is more pleasing to the ear.

Mediakool Audio Editing

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