We will create your next great Doodle or Animated video

Short videos are the perfect tool to sell your product or service.

Advertise your business or service with a simple video.

People have short attention spans. If you do not hook them in the first few seconds, they will move on to another company. We will create a doodle or animated video to showcase your brand.

Cut through all of the clutter and stand out from the crowd with a short branding video. All you need is 30 seconds to a minute in length.

Animated and doodle videos are are easy for the customer to understand. Simplicity is best. You want your branding or product to stand out. These videos work very well!

Our Product Solves Your Problem in 3 Ways:

Tell your brand story

Short animated and whiteboard videos tell your company story in an entertaining way. Who doesn't like short, fun videos? They actually take you back to your childhood.

Simplify complex material

Short videos will allow you to easily communicate complex ideas. You can get your message across so that your potential customers will understand your product or service.

Be found on a 2nd search engine

Did you know that YouTube is the second largest search engine? Since the video will live on YouTube, your video will be able to be searched by millions of potential customers. 


Animated explainer video

We partner with small businesses to create professional animated videos. We can add your logo and copy. If you want a voice over, we can do that too. Top it off with some music and you are all set!


Whiteboard explainer video

Choose your background - Whiteboard or Glass board. Use a human hand or cartoon hand.  Drawn image choices are color or black & white. 


Chalkboard explainer video

The chalkboard color options are dark and green. Just send over your logo, and we can program the hand to draw it for a more compelling visual.

Don't Wait! Get your company promotional video now!