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YouTube And Your Marketing Efforts

I know you have a nice looking website, and you have done your on-page and off-page optimization.  You are good to go, right?  Maybe, but if optimizing your website is the only thing you are doing, you may want to think again.

All businesses are focused on ranking in Google, and for good reason.  It is said that the search giant processes 63,000 searches per second.  If we stretch that out, we are talking 5.5 billion searches per day, and more than 2 billion searches per year.


Bing averages roughly 873 million searches per day, and Yahoo 536 million queries per day.  These numbers say it is not even close.

How about this.  YouTube ranks second as a search engine.  Check out some stats:

  • 300 hours of video are uploaded every minute
  • 1,300,000,000 use YouTube
  • Around 5 billion videos are watched every day
  • 30 million visit YouTube every day

Five billion videos are watched every day….Let that sink in for a moment.  Man, it would be nice if we could get some exposure on YouTube.

Oh, wait!

We can create some videos and post on this influential media platform!

If you are a website owner and you are not visible on YouTube, you are missing out on potential customers.

And you know the best part?  It does not cost an arm and a leg to get in on the action.  Don’t get me wrong, it would really depend on the type of site you have, your average customer value, and a few other factors that will probably determine how much you spend on video creation, but even then it should be a reasonable amount.

Here is a quick video that I put together for a client.  He just wanted a short, 30 second video.

Ok, now you have your video ready to go, but what now?  I mean, with all of those videos on YouTube, how do you even get your video seen in the midst of all of the content out there?

Well, there are some steps that you can take to optimize that video.  The first thing is to make sure you choose the right keywords.  This is important because you want the video to show up in YouTube and in the Google search results.  Not all keywords will return video results on Google. You can test this simply by typing in a search term, and if there aren’t any videos in the search results, those keywords will probably not work.

Choosing the best keywords

There is a keyword tool out there that can help with this research.  Keywordtool.io is a site that will generate video keyword ideas. If you want the search volumes and CPC information, you will have to become a subscriber.  You really do not need that right now.  It will still give you the actual keyword terms, and that’s what we are interested in.

For an example, I did a search for “gray hair coloring” and these are the results I received:

YouTube And Your Marketing Efforts

I then searched for coloring mens gray hair in Google to see if there is a video on the first page.  Ok, it looks like this is a video keyword.

color grey hair

Now that we have a keyword we can use.  Well, actually we can do a long tail keyword to get more coverage.  If you go back and look at the keyword results above, it looks like we can combine three of these terms to create the long tail.

  • coloring gray hair at home
  • coloring mens gray hair
  • coloring gray natural hair

Coloring mens gray natural hair at home

Use this for the title of the original video file BEFORE you upload.  This way, you should eventually rank for all three of the terms.

Once you upload the video, it should automatically place the filename as the title.  You should then attach 300+ word description, so that Google and YouTube can figure out what the video is about.  If the video has narration, you can transcribe and place that text in the description.  Just be sure that your keywords are sprinkled throughout the description.  You should also have the link to your main site toward the beginning.

Here is a snapshot from an upload from our sister site.  The keywords are represented, The website link is at the top, and there are about 700 words explaining what the video is about.




Here is what the bottom of the description looks like:

Description Bottom


I have all of my links displayed, and also links to some of my other videos.

Now, here is a nice trick for you:  We are going to set up a traffic leak for this video.  Those five video links at the bottom are channels that are related to R&B music, more specifically Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, and they have thousands of views.  The reason I put those there is because I want YouTube to know that these are related to my video.  If you spend any time on YouTube, you know there are related videos on the right sidebar.  I am helping YouTube by saying, Hey! I want my video in that section!

Related videos photo


Here is a Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis video.  Look on the right, and you will see my video in the sidebar.  Now I should get some traffic that is leaked from this Lecture video.

Cool, right?

So, as you can see, optimization is key. You have to do a little work to maximize your visibility, but if you do it correctly, you can get your video in front of potential customers.  There are some opportunities out there to advertise your business, so you might as well take advantage of it.

Let me know if you have any questions about YouTube and your marketing efforts.

So…..One question – Is Your Media Kool?



Search Engine Marketing

Search engines reach a wide audience as compared to other websites. For example, Google is the most visited site in the world. Taking advantage of this global reach is an excellent idea. Doing so is possible through various payment methods including PPC (Pay per Click), CPA (Cost per Acquisition), CPM (Cost per Impression), and CPV (Cost per View) among others. Currently, PPC is the most popular method of payment for ads that appear on search engines.

Here is some pertinent information on PPC marketing.

Benefits of Pay per Click Marketing

Analytical Data for Future Reference

Doing business is difficult if you cannot measure the impact of a particular campaign. Fortunately, PPC gives you enough data to determine whether this marketing strategy is worthwhile. For example, the feedback includes the number of people who viewed or clicked your ad. This information is critical for future reference. More specifically, you can use it to design ads or products that people seem to enjoy.

Highly Targeted Audience

PPC allows you to choose parameters that define your intended market. For example, are you looking for people who live in your city? Then choose an audience that is close to your premise. Selecting people based on interests such as sports, fashion, cars, or electronics among others is also possible. Do not spend your money targeting every online user as opposed to focusing on a highly targeted audience.

Increasing Brand Recognition

Awareness of your brand’s existence is imperative because it solidifies your position as a serious player in your market. Consequently, people will think of your product as a possible alternative to what they are currently using. PPC helps you achieve brand awareness because consumers will see your ad while they are searching for other products. They will ask themselves questions when they see it including its cost, possible benefits, and quality. Some of them will buy it because they want something different. Others will ask their family members, colleagues, and friends about it. Eventually, your product will become a household name if you persist with your marketing campaign.

It Is Ideal For Limited Budgets

Small businesses face many financial challenges. For example, their cash flow is small as compared to that of big firms. Consequently, spending money on marketing campaigns is a daunting task for them. Fortunately, adopting PPC marketing makes it possible for them to start their promotions with an insignificant amount of cash. Did you know that Google Ad-Words allows you to begin with as little as $5 in your account? You can even modify your campaign as time goes so that it reflects your financial circumstances.


Challenges Associated With Pay per Click Marketing

It Does Not Guarantee Sales

Businesses look at the sales they have made after investing in a particular marketing strategy to measure its returns on investments (ROI). Unfortunately, PPC does not guarantee sales. You can spend a fortune on it without selling anything. This kind of situation would disappoint any businessperson. However, there are other ways of measuring ROI. For example, how many views did your ad receive? How many people clicked on it? How many individuals asked about it? You will realize that your investment was worthwhile if you look at all of these parameters.

Online Users Prefer Organic Search Results

Paid ads are conspicuous and many people consider them annoying. Some of them avoid these advertisements completely. This kind of behavior disappoints online marketers, but it does not dishearten them. Remember, you just need a few people to click on your ad and then buy your product. These individuals will become repeat customers and they will sustain your business. It is important to note that multinational corporations prefer Pay Per Click marketing to other forms of online advertising because they know that it works.

It Is a Complicated Process

PPC is not as easy as many people think it is. You have to study the prevailing market conditions in addition to the emerging trends in that market. You have to understand Google’s terms and conditions. You also have to research on common search terms including long tail keywords. An ordinary person does not have access to the tools that would help him when it comes to this kind of research. Do not worry about such things. Instead, focus on your core business activities. Let someone else worry about your online marketing campaign.

Digital Marketing Mediakool.comTips on Pay per Click Marketing

Change Your Geo-Location Settings

You have to concentrate on your local market. Doing so is critical because online users prefer products and services that are easily accessible. More importantly, they are likely to visit your store or office personally if they know you are a local company. They might even come with a friend or two. Therefore, changing your geo-location settings to target a local audience is a brilliant idea.

Use the Right Keywords

People use certain terms to search for products or services online. The technical name for these terms is keywords. Some of them may be short while others are long. You have to know them so that you can use them in your ad campaign. Search engines cannot display your ad to your intended market if you give them the wrong search terms.

Display Your Ads at the Right Time

People work, sleep, and relax at different times of the day depending on their location, cultural norms, and schedules. It means that they will view your advertisement at different times. Therefore, your ad should reflect these timeframes in addition to any differences in time zones. For example, did you know that most people are online between seven and eleven pm? You can target them at this time if you are selling personalized products such as shampoos, travel tours, or furniture. Conversely, you should set daytime hours on your ad if you are selling office products such as stationery, printers, and office chairs.

Make an Attractive Offer

Ultimately, your offer determines how many people will purchase your product so make sure that it is a good one. Include discounts or coupons if possible. Make sure that you use the right words to maximize your appeal to your online audience. The words you use should be decent so that everyone appreciates them. Visual ads are also more likely to lead to sales than ads that have words only. Contact a professional in PPC marketing today and he will guide you on all the steps you need to take to make your ad successful.


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