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Website Maintenance


A website tells you a lot about a business. For instance, an easy-to-navigate site suggests that your firm conducts its operations in an organized fashion. A website with an appropriate font and color theme indicates that you are meticulous in your approach to doing business. More importantly, a website that has all the relevant information a client needs demonstrates that you are ready to work. Unfortunately, nothing is permanent. Instead, you have to maintain your website from time to time so that it does not lose its appeal. Here are some of the reasons why you need website maintenance.

 Here are some on-page tips for website maintenance:

1.  Updating Your Content 

2.  Optimizing Your Website 

3.  Dealing with Broken Links

4.  Fixing Bugs on Your Site 

Updating Your Content

Maintaining your website means that you will update it with new information such as photos, videos, podcasts, and tutorials. These updates will add value to the content that is on your blog. Moreover, updates are a source of fresh information. Remember, websites should reflect changes in society. For instance, you may be selling a new product or opening a new branch. Your online visitors would like to be part of these developments. They would also feel as though you are responding to their needs especially if you launch products that they suggested.

Optimizing Your Website

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to a set of strategies aimed at maximizing online traffic to your website. These strategies are technical and dynamic because search engines change their algorithms frequently. For instance, updates to Google’s search algorithm include Google Panda in 2011, Knowledge Graph in 2012, Google Penguin in 2014, and Google Hummingbird in 2013. Keeping up with these updates is impossible if you do not maintain your website regularly. For example, did you that Google is planning to demote websites that do not work well on mobile devices? Are you ready for this keep of change? Maintain your website on a regular basis so that it does not drop in search engine ranking.

Dealing with Broken Links

There is a URL for each web page on your website. Unfortunately, some of them may malfunction. For example, it could be a 404 error. It could also be a link to your previous site. In some cases, a firewall may be blocking the web page. Checking for these broken links is a daunting task because your website has voluminous content. Fortunately, doing so is possible if you are working with someone who knows what he is doing. He will find broken links on your website, and then he will redirect them to another web page. Talk to a web expert today because dealing with such inconveniences is a primary reason why you need website maintenance.

Fixing Bugs on Your Site

Bugs are serious flaws with your web applications leading to unexpected results when you use them. More specifically, bugs disrupt the services that you offer on your website. In some cases, a bug shares confidential information with third parties without your knowledge. The presence of these bugs is a concern for companies, governments, and individuals because web applications are critical to daily processes including payment for critical services. Therefore, fixing them should be a priority for website owners. Regular site maintenance helps you identify these bugs so that you can fix or remove them.

website maintenanceHere are some “behind the scenes” website maintenance tips:

1.  Updating Your Content Management System (CMS)

2.  Analyzing Data

3.  Keeping Backups


Updating Your Content Management System (CMS)

Sometimes, people use a CMS to develop their website. Doing so has many advantages. For example, using a CMS requires basic knowledge in web programming. In other words, technical expertise is unnecessary. However, some technical knowledge is necessary if you want to install plugins. Remember, some of these plugins have errors while others may be incompatible with applications on your site. Regular website maintenance helps you identify suitable plugins that are compatible with your web applications. It also helps you detect the ones that are causing errors on your website so that you can remove them.

Analyzing Data

Business processes should lead to tangible results. For example, spending money on your website without regular reports on the benefits of having it is unwise. Analyzing data helps you understand if your website is worth the money you use on it. For instance, how many people clicked on an offer on your website? Did they buy the product after clicking it? Is your site attracting locals, people from other states, or foreigners? Moreover, knowing your most visited web pages is an excellent idea. This knowledge would help you design your content and products in a way that appeals to many people. Therefore, getting analytical reports periodically is one of the principal reasons why you need website maintenance.

Keeping Backups

Anything can happen at any time. That means you should be ready for any eventuality including the loss of your web files. Starting from scratch can be a painful experience. Therefore, backing up your website periodically is the best thing to do even if it is a difficult task. For example, will you use FileZilla? Will you back it up with another FTP client? Remember, you have to go through different processes if you are using a Content Management System like WordPress. The best thing to do is to leave this work to a web maintenance expert. Let him handle these details as you focus on your core business activities.



Finally, how would you choose a web maintenance expert? It is a daunting task because you have to pick someone who understands your needs. Additionally, he also has to know the capabilities of your website. For example, how much web space do you have? Do you have enough bandwidth? Do you have any sub-domains? Remember, your web expert has to consider these factors as he maintains your website. In other words, he has to work within these parameters among others. You also have to choose someone who offers you the right price. Contact us if you need the best web expert.


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