It’s all about connection. There are numerous ways that businesses can adopt to engage their audience and interact with them. However, you want to choose the option that will not only suit your business today but in the near future as well.

With the current trend on the internet, it is believed that we are heading into times where videos will be embraced substantially as a means of delivering content as opposed to providing reading materials. Analysts have predicted that before 2020, 99% of internet traffic will be dedicated to watching videos. Even if that projection is not accurate and the figure is indeed a bit lower, it still accentuates the importance of having awesome video content for your website and business.

Before too long, websites that rely solely on images and words may be left behind as videos are now taking over the scene.  This is where whiteboard video production services come into play.

Videos have Evolvedbusiness animation videos

Videos have been here with us for a while now, but their execution has significantly advanced. A while back it was the talking head video that businesses preferred. This is due to the simple manner in which companies could air their ideas.

Today viewers expect more engagement and interaction to come from videos. This is where using doodle videos can bring the whole difference to your video campaign.

What is a Doodle Video?

Doodle videos are also known as whiteboard presentation videos. They are a modern type of business animation videos which have proven very efficient in marketing. But they are not just any animated video. A doodle video illustrates a cartoon being drawn as a narrator articulates your marketing message in the background.

This is a very effective way of passing your message across. The combination of watching the cartoon character being created and listening to the video is a genius method of gluing visitors to the video and getting them to absorb more of your message.

A doodle animation video helps to tell a story which is a more engaging way to get your visitors to listen to your message. Nowadays, viewers come across numerous marketing messages that it can only take a unique execution to keep them watching.

Apart from getting your message across, the cartoon characters in doodle videos make them more memorable.

How Business Animation Videos Can Increase Conversions

Showcasing the business formation

The ability to showcase the history of your company is one significant advantage of having site videos. The correct execution of your video can make it come across as a useful educative video rather than a sales pitch.

If your customers know the motivation behind creating your brand/product, they will be more interested in what you do. A doodle video can help you communicate your zeal as a company to fulfill a certain need.

Doodles tell a story

Telling stories has been used for millions of years to pass across memorable messages. Up to date, the method is still effective. Whether your videos are instructional or fanciful and detailed, animated videos make the delivery captivating and evoke the nostalgia of the old traditions.

They showcase a human element

In a world filled with computer-based media, the idea of a drawing that appears to have been portrayed by a human hand is a refreshing change. The human touch that accompanies a doodle video makes another perk for using this type of advertising.

They are simple

Today’s marketing field is characterized by a devastating amount of stimulation when it comes to videos. The majority of these videos are usually high-energy content that has been generated by computers.

As a result of the information overload, viewers never notice 60% of what you display on your site. Site visitors see fluff in place of cutting edge videos. But this is a mind adaptation due to the overwhelming data.

Therefore the simplicity of the black and white contours of a doodle video is a welcome change and is a huge advantage to you in terms of capturing the viewer’s attention.

They are entertaining

Every time we see cartoons, we associate them with something funny. The human touch of someone drawing in the whiteboard explainer evokes interest and engages the mind. As the viewers watch the video, they witness someone create interesting characters from nothing which is very entertaining.

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Why A Whiteboard Marketing Video Beats A TV Advertisement

In most cases, business owners tend to adopt methods that have been tried and proven to work rather than venturing into newer opportunities. The truth is, a whiteboard marketing video contains far more marketing potential than a running a TV advertising campaign.


One downside of TV advertisements is that they are limited to a short airtime. A whiteboard presentation can pack more information since it has no time constraints. A 15-30 second TV advertisement keeps getting repeated over and again with limited information and rigid content.

With a doodle video, you have ample time to promote your brand in a more captivating manner. With this, you can capture a larger audience than a TV advert.


A high-quality TV ad can be expensive straight from its production, ad time, and the ratings of the show which will take a commercial break to promote your brand, and how long you want it to run.

The only cost you have to incur is the cost of the whiteboard video production. From there, it is free to upload on YouTube and viewers can access them without you running any extra costs.


YouTube is an affiliate site of Google. This clearly suggests that when a basic search for a product is performed on Google, videos from YouTube are given a higher preference. At no cost, you can enjoy free distribution of your doodle animation video through the most dominant search engine. If you were to get such exposure from a TV ad, you would part with an astronomically huge amount of money.


Using a doodle video has a lot of advantages including a better return on investment and improving conversions. Your business would benefit a great deal from using them. Although whiteboard explainer videos are a new concept in online marketing, their potential is vast. Additionally, with only 5% of internet businesses being exposed to whiteboard animation movies, you will have a huge head start by adopting it as your mode of advertisement.



Contact us today for a quote of you are looking for whiteboard video production services.  We will handle everything to make your next ad campaign a successful one.


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